Case studies

Case Study 3 – Falkland Islands

  CASE STUDY 3 – Short Term Training Injection – FALKLANDS ISLANDS GOVERNMENT – DELIVERED APRIL 2015 The following training programme was delivered in April 2015 to the Governor, members of the Falkland Islands Government (Chief Executive and Directors), Police, Hospital Management and members of the RAF and Military at their Training Facility in Port…Read more

FIOR Case Study 2 – International

CASE STUDY 2 – INCIDENT MANAGEMENT PLANNING & TRAINING – INTERNATIONAL IMPLEMENTATION – SINGAPORE DISTRIBUTION & MARKETING OPERATION J Holden, Director – 2.1.15 For further information contact Back to Case Study 1 – Incident Response Planning Case Study 3 Case Study 3 Falkland Islands  

Case Study -Incident Response Planning Structure Development & Training

CASE STUDY 1 (Long Term Implementation) – INCIDENT RESPONSE PLANNING, STRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING In 2011 following a fire incident within a bottling and distribution operation located in the central belt of Scotland FIOR were asked to audit the incident planning process and response for the company. Directors of FIOR undertook a comprehensive review of…Read more