As a manager in the demanding environment of a global logistics company I receive many invitations to training events I cannot overstate how delighted I am that I took up the opportunity to join the 2014 Cohort 1 of the Diploma of Integrated Emergency Management based at the University of Stirling.
Despite having a background in the emergency services, and received considerable training in the management of critical incidents, the training outcomes and personal development that I received from attending the tutorial days and final residential exercise in the areas of critical decision making, leadership, corporate responsibility and personal ethics and integrity were invaluable.
During the course of the Diploma I also formed a real and valuable network of colleagues, across the public and private sector, within the cohort – relationships which have continued since the final exercise in November 2014.
I would recommend any manager who has a responsibility for incident management to sign up for the Diploma which represents huge value for money, and in my opinion,is a pre-requisite in the preparation of those people likely to find themselves in the demanding world of Integrated Emergency Management

By: D.M. - The Malcolm Group
Date:February 2015