Exercise Imperium – Liveplay


This Exercise can be delivered in-house at a time convenient to you.  So why not exercise your incident teams and contact us for more information.  It will be a lot more cost effective than you think.

Since 2009 FIOR trainers have been preparing people to work in the pressurised environment of a critical incident such as fire, explosion, bomb calls, natural disasters, product recalls etc. Hundreds of professionals from both the public and private sector have passed through our training courses, simulation and liveplay exercise programmes and Diploma of Integrated Emergency Management.

In response to clients’ demands 2016 saw FIOR create a unique real time exercise – Exercise Imperium – to prepare Incident Team Leaders and their key support team members for the challenge of establishing effective command and control in the initial phase of an incident.

Exercise Imperium is delivered in 45 minutes consisting of a 25 minute real time live feed exercise and 15 minute hot debrief of learning points. Teams of 3 players consisting of an Incident Team Leader, Loggist and Communications Officer (Radio & Telephone) operate as the Exercise Players and all radio and IT exercise equipment is supplied by FIOR.

Exercise Imperium players will be provided with the tools and tradecraft to –

  • Prepare the Incident Team key players to operate effectively in the pressurised initial ‘golden hour’ of an incident
  • Handle the almost simultaneous and quick flowing information coming from the incident ground
  • To successfully analyse this information and effectively prioritise the actions required from minute to minute


Reviews from past players:

The Macallan Distillery Incident Team – ‘This was the best and most realistic incident team training I have experienced – I really feel more confident about facing a real incident now’

Scottish Power – ‘Great value – this is what critical incident training should be like – it felt very real and I have learned a lot’

Student, Diploma of Integrated Emergency Management – ‘a really good team building exercise – would be great for an Incident Team from a single organisation – I felt the pressure but  the support of the Exercise Trainer in the Incident Room made it comfortable as well’


For further information contact carol.holden@fior.org.uk



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