Diploma of Integrated Emergency Management

Since 2009 FIOR have been delivering highly successful critical incident management training across both the private and public sectors and in response to client demand in 2014 with the support of the University of Stirling the company created a 22 week Diploma of Integrated Emergency Management (DIEM)

In 2018 our relationship with the University of Stirling continues with the University recognising the successful completion of the Diploma of Integrated Emergency Management as prior learning earning entry qualification and/or credit points to an appropriate University programme of further learning.

Recommended access to the Programme

It is anticipated that candidates on the DIEM programme will be nominated and supported by their employer, as such they will be expected to hold a middle-management position and should have the capacity to absorb the learning and to provide leadership within their organisation, or a section of it. The Diploma is also open to students on a private and individual basis and to all ranks within the emergency services and associated resilience occupations.

Structure of the Programme or Qualification

In essence the Diploma contains six Learning Outcomes:

1. Develop an understanding and appreciation of existing legislation and guidance on Integrated Emergency Management

2. Assess the influence of values and ethics on organisational performance.

3. Critically judge the impact of corporate and legal responsibilities.

4. Evaluate leadership in practice

5. Examine the decision making process and apply a structural approach

6. Apply acquired knowledge to specific scenarios providing the opportunity to practice and demonstrate awareness and capacity.

Aims of the Awards

The aims of the DIEM are threefold:

Specific aims:

  • The development of organisational capacity in preparing for and responding to emergency situations.
  • The development of professional knowledge and skills for potential responders to emergency situations.
  • The raising of confidence levels across organisations

General aims:

  • An organisational awareness of ‘Preparing Scotland’ (or legislation / guidance as appropriate to the domicile of the student) and Corporate responsibility and liability.
  • An understanding of the ‘integrated’ approach to emergency management.
  • A willingness to prepare, plan and exercise.

Academic aims:

  • To provide a sound professional knowledge base with appropriate academic recognition.
  • To offer access to further professional development and education

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Interested in Applying?

The next cohort will commence 11 April 2018.  Contact carol.holden@fior.org.uk to register your interest

Single monthly tutorial days will be held within the University of Stirling campus and will commence at 9.30am and finish at 4pm for Outcomes 1-5. The final Exercise event will also be located within the University and will be a 3 day residential format with working hours between 9am and 5pm with the possibility of evening focus sessions if required.  Distance Learning is an option however the candidate must be present for the final 3 day residential element of the training.

The Diploma can also be customised and delivered in house to organisations with a minimum of six students. This can result in significant cost savings particularly if in house training facilities can be provided. If you are interested in this option please contact us for further details.

For further information or to apply to join the Diploma please contact carol.holden@fior.org.uk or download an application form here – Candidate Registration Form

For self funding students a system of monthly payments can be arranged.


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